Changes to the Electronic Communications Act (Zakon o elektronskih komunikacijah; Official Journal Nr. 109/2012) which came into force in the beginning of 2013 determine new guidelines for the use of cookies and similar technologies for saving or accessing data saved on computers or mobile devices of users.

More information on the Act and the guidelines on the website of the Information Commissioner of Republic of Slovenia:

With the new legislation the use of cookies is not prohibited, but new regulations and conditions under which cookies and similar technologies can be applied have been determined. Users of websites have to be informed about the use of cookies which are used by a particular website. At the same time they have to be given the possibility to choose the deactivation of cookies and tracking their activities in the web.


The statement refers to the website and relates to our obligations concerning the treatment of personal data, such as name, address, e-mail address or telephone number. The statement does not concern links (connections) leading outside our website.

No personal data is collected or saved by the website other than the IP address (Internet Protocol address is the numerical label assigned to your computer. It enables data transfers among computers or other internet devices.), the web browsers used by users, and the session data: duration of the user's visit of the website All information is collected anonymously and used exclusively for the purpose of system administration. The information helps us assess the effectiveness of our website. The website uses only basic cookies needed for website operation and for no further data use.  

All personal data transferred to us by a web form or e-mail will be used by the site or its subcontractors exclusively for the purpose of the website.

What are cookies? Cookies are short text files that are sent to and saved on the user's computer, smart phone or any other device accessing websites using the internet. Cookies can collect data about the characteristics of website use by users, so that at the following visit the website adjusts the content of its web pages. You can find instructions on how to delete cookies on the website

List of cookies:

The cookie enables correct functioning of the website. It is connected with the server session and deleted when the session is over, that is when the user leaves the website.,cc_cookie_decline

The cookie memorizes user's settings of using cookies and is used by the system. The cookie is activated only by user accepting the use of cookies and expires after 300 days, when cookies have to be enabled again by the user.

Google Analytics //_utma,_utmb,_utmc,_utmz

Cookies are used for collecting data about the characteristics of website use by users. The data helps us to improve provision of web content and is collected anonymously, including the data about the number of the website users, locations they come from and from which sites. For more Google Privacy Policy click here.


The cookie stores visitor's preferences and is used for tracking the visitor visiting other websites that are using Google analytics. To get more information about Google Privacy Policy click here.


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