Ichiro Yoshiba


Untiteld / Forma viva 1965

steel / 560 x 270 x 180 cm / athletic field, Ravne
The fully fleshed out monumental corpus, covered in red, on the hill by the edge of the athletic stadium is the dominating landscape feature of the sports park area near the Ravne Grammar School. The technically perfect, brilliantly welded metal-plates coat covers the construction skeleton of the sculpture like smooth skin, while the individual components, which are regular and geometrically conceived, protrude from the central torso just enough to stir the very integrated and rounded-off visual organism in a very picturesque manner.

Ichiro Yoshiba was born on 9 February, 1936, in Tokyo, Japan. He graduated in March 1962 at the Department of Wrought Iron Design at the Tokyo Academy of Fine Art. He exhibited his works mostly in Japan; in 1962 and 1965, he was the recipient of the Nika-kai art association award. For more than thirty years, he was the head professor in the Department of Design at the Design Institute (YMCA) in Tokyo.

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