Katsuyi Kishida


Untitled / Forma viva 1970

rolled sheet / 250 x 500 x 250 cm / Javornik Neighbourhood, Ravne
The majority of sculptures in Forma viva in Ravne are subject to the logic of vertical spatial development; only a handful of them follow the horizontal compositionally. Kishida’s work, however, with its sparse visual means, connects both formal coordinates. The sculpture consists of two symmetrical parts, which reach into the heights from the cubic form on the ground, never touching one another physically while subtly fusing visually. The idea might have been even more effective had it been possible to execute it in pronounced monumental dimensions.

Katsuyi Kishida was born in 1937 in Tokyo, Japan. He studied at the Meiji University and the Academy of Fine Arts at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo, where he graduated in 1963. He is a member of the Kohdo Bijutsu Kyokai art association. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, and he also prepared several solo presentations of his work. He is the recipient of the UBE Grand Prix, the most important Asian sculpture biennial. In 2013, he was awarded by the French Academy of Fine Arts (Institut de France, Académie des beaux- arts).

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